Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Best American Holiday

Here are a few Thanksgiving ponderings I thought I'd share:

1. I love Thanksgiving because it is not a church holiday. Sure the church tells us to be thankful every day of the year, but it has not tied itself to this particular American holiday. I love the fact that I woke up this morning and did not have to prepare for a worship service. I just hung out and waited to eat. Too bad Christmas isn't this relaxing.

2. People are passionate about their turkeys whether they roast, fry, smoke, or grill them. Personally, we like to grill ours but then again, we grill EVERYTHING! I love asking someone how they prepare their turkey....they will usually go on and on about the perfectly balanced seasoning and the precise method used. Don't mess with a person turkey technique!

3. Why don't we eat the Cranberry sauce that comes in a can on days other then Thanksgiving? It's so good! After all, anything that slides out of a can, makes an audible plop on the plate, and retains the exact shape of the can has got to be good!

4. Why do I eat too much every Thanksgiving? I have years and years of experience with eating and that experience has taught me how much is too much and yet, every year at exactly this time of night, my pants are too tight and I'm regretting that second piece of pie. Seems moderation would be a more appropriate response to thankfulness but I have not yet succeeded in such loftiness.

Hope you all enjoyed your non-church, Turkey based, gelatinous Cranberry, gluttonous holiday!


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